MediaElch 2.8.16 - Coridian

The next version 2.8.16 is here! This is a bugfix release only.

What’s new?

Many smaller bugfixes as well as a fix for a serious crash in the “Movies” section when downloading many movies at once.

There are also few UI improvements, e.g. the white text on white background was fixed for the movie section.

Furthermore, more default sort tokens were added (for more languages). If you want to change them, you need to add an advancedsettings.xml file.

Where can I download MediaElch?

Stable releases can be downloaded from For Linux distributions we provide repositories for Ubuntu (.deb) and openSUSE (.rpm).

Where can I get help?

For general question use Kodi forums, e.g.

If you find a bug, please open an issue on

Can I contribute?

Yes! Every kind of help is welcome. You can translate MediaElch or develop and fix some bugs if you know C++. Python knowledge is welcome, too!
If you find any bugs, please report them on GitHub.