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The Music section lists your albums which you can browse, scrape and edit.

Starting with version 2.2 MediaElch is able to scrape information about your music collection.

To use music scraping, your directory structure must look like the following:

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist1

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist1/Album1

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist1/Album1/song.mp3

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist2

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist2/Album2

  • /Volumes/Data/Music/Artist2/Album2/song.mp3

This means every artist must have its own subdirectory and inside this directory every album must be in another subdirectory. In MediaElchs settings add the toplevel directory of the artists (in the example above this is /Volumes/Data/Music).


MediaElch uses NFO files for music. It does not use ID3 or other tags of your music files (*.mp3 and similar). If you want to modify ID3 tags, we recommend to use alternative software.


There is only one scraper for music artists and albums: “Universal Music Scraper”. This scraper combines The Audio DB, AllMusic and Discogs for information about artists and albums. In the settings you can select the language (just used for The Audio DB) and which one you prefer. All images are scraped from Extra fanart images are also downloaded automatically. How many images should be loaded can be adjusted in the settings. Set it to 0 if you don’t want extra fanarts to be downloaded automatically.

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