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TV Show section

The TV Show section lists your TV shows which you can browse, scrape and edit.


The TV show page let’s you manage your TV shows and their seasons/episodes. You can manage details like title, rating and runtime or images which you can load from or TMDB.

TV Tune

A TV tune is a show’s theme song. You can download it from TelevisionTunes by clicking on the download button next to the TV tune indicator.

The TV tune will be stored as a theme.mp3 next to the movie’s media file.

TV Tune Indicator "Missing"

The indicator for a missing TV tune.

When you download the TV tune you will see a dialog which looks like the one below. Please note that it takes a few seconds for it to load the list of TV tunes (may be 5-15 seconds).

TV Tune download dialog.

The TV tune download dialog window.

You can select a TV tune and MediaElch will start playing the TV tunes (may take a few seconds to start).

After you have downloaded a TV tune, the indicator changes to look like below:

TV Tune Indicator "Existing"

The indicator for an existing TV tune.

To play the TV tune on Kodi, you need to install an addon for it or have a skin that supports it.



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