Release Notes / Changelog


This information is drawn from the GitHub MediaElch project changelog:



  • macOS 11 and later: - Qt was updated to v6.7.0. - ffmpeg was updated to v6.1.1

  • Linux AppImage - ffmpeg was updated to v6.1

  • Windows - ffmpeg was updated to v7


  • IMDb: - Episode’s overviews are scraped again (#1724, #1751) - TV show titles did not properly decode HTML entities (#1754) - The year in search results works again. - Loading of all tags works again.

  • Fix scraping of episode’s thumbnails.

  • TVMaze: The premiered-date of TV shows was not properly scraped (#1767).

  • TV Show: The custom episode scraper may not have loaded details from IMDb.

  • Possible crash when clicking on empty episode thumbnails.

  • ADE: Search works again (#1737)

  • ADE/HM: Back cover is also downloaded (#1743)

  • UI: Show movies’ full release-date, not just the year (#1749)


  • debian: Now uses Qt 6 on Ubuntu Lunar (23.04) and later (#1697) Thank you, Philipp (GitHub user iluminat23) for this change!

  • UI: Navigation and menu bar icons now have a hover effect.

  • macOS: The Qt5 build for macOS X no longer supports automatic dark mode detection. Reason being that it doesn’t work on macOS 10.13 (#1742)


  • tbd


  • TV shows and episodes: If there is more than one network (separated by ,), they will be stored as separate <studio> tags in the NFO file (#1705)

  • Movies have a new field “TV Show Link” which is stored as a <showlink> in Kodi.
    It is available in the UI via the movie’s “Extended” tab (#1753).

  • Added Kodi v22 to Kodi selection menu.

  • Concerts (i.e. music videos in Kodi) can now have multiple artists, each stored as an <artist> tag in NFO files. In the UI, it’s a comma-separated list (#1709).

  • UI: The movie, concert and episode pages now have a “play movie” button in the top right corner (#1727, #1764).

2.10.6 - 2023-12-03

Known Issues


  • Movies:

    • Opening and immediately closing the trailer search could crash MediaElch

    • Exclusion filters are now applied to all folders, not just a file’s parent directory (#1653)
      Thanks to GitHub user Neinei0k for implementing it!

  • UI: Dark Theme:

    • The music file list (artist/album) is now readable (better colors)

    • The search/filter result list has explicit colors: they are now readable (#1629)

    • TV Status field and the Movie streamdetails->Stereo fields are now properly colored (#1657)

    • The numbers and icons in the left navigation bar were not properly scaled (#1662)

  • UniversalMusicScraper: If an artist has no Discogs link on MusicBrainz, MediaElch was stuck.

  • ADE: Overview and posters are properly scraped again (#1650)

  • IMDb:

    • Fix scraping of episode IDs from season pages

    • Fix tag loading: option “load all tags” (#1634)

    • Fix movie search

    • Fix TV show search

  • TMDB: Don’t store invalid poster/actor image URLs (only the base URL was stored)

  • HotMovies: Fix movie scraping

  • AppImage: the SVG plugin is now shipped explicitly, fixing the icons in the navigation bar (#1662)

  • AllMusic/Universal Music Scraper: Fixed biography and mood scraping (#1606)


  • Image Dialog: Images downloaded from are now sorted by preferred language, if set (#1619)

  • TMDB:

    • API queries now set a “region” based on the selected language. For example, the country’s release date will be used.

    • If a movie has more than one certification in a given language, we sometimes accidentally ignored the selected language if TMDB has an empty certification for it (#1641)

  • UI:

    • Images are now loaded asynchronously, which should improve the performance when switching items (#1640)

    • TV shows: If the “first aired” date is invalid/missing, MediaElch shows the current date, but adds a “missing” marker (#1663)

  • TV shows: The TMDB id, if available, is now marked as “default” in NFO files.

  • Settings: Changing the main window theme no longer requires a restart.


  • Advanced Settings: Option forceCache was removed; if you were relying on this feature, please let us know.


  • TV Shows:

    • Episode’s TMDB id is now shown as well (#1644)

    • IDs (e.g. IMDb ID) now have a button that takes you to the corresponding website (#1645)

2.10.4 - 2023-07-30


  • MediaElch for macOS 11 and later now uses Qt 6.5.2


  • The movie renamer did not replace <director> in movie folder names (#1611)

  • Advanced Settings: If <exclude> exists in advancedsettings.xml, we accidentally cleared the sort tokens, meaning sorting without articles was not possible (#1613)

  • Movie scrapers: Original title was missing and the setting “ignore duplicate original title” was ignored (#1601).

  • Custom Movie Scraper: Images from were not loaded, even though it was selected in MediaElch’s settings (#1598)

  • IMDb TV: If a season has an episode No. 0 (e.g. a pilot), it could not be scraped and all other episodes were offset by 1 (#1614)

  • Fix TV show search

  • Universal Music Scraper:

    • MusicBrainz works again (#1597)

    • MusicBrainz now loads an artist’s biography in the preferred langauge

    • Discogs correctly loads an artists discography again (#1606)

    • AllMusic loads album ratings again

  • The TV show revert button did not revert anything (#1615)

  • UI: The image dialog did not have a properly distributed image table (#1620)


  • The movie search dialog has gained a preview (#1607)

2.10.2 - 2023-07-01


  • If your Linux distribution uses libmediainfo v23.03 and MediaElch crashes when a movie/TV show/concert is selected, then your MediaInfo version has a bug. Please contact the maintainer of your system’s libmediainfo. See [here]( for more.

  • MediaElch for macOS 11 and later now uses Qt 6.5.1


  • UI:

    • Selecting TV shows / episodes or artist / albums now has proper background colors on Windows and macOS (#1569)

    • Color labels have better color for the dark theme (#1545)

    • The language dropdown menu is now sorted according to the translated language names (#1560)

    • Fix the ordering of custom movie scraper details; previously it was sorted randomly (#1562)

    • After scraping movie images, the “has image” icons were not immediately updated (#1591)

  • ADE:

    • Fix title and actor scraping (#1592)

    • Remove On Sale! from title if ADE sets it

  • If a movie directory contains an invalid *.nfo file, it was not listed properly when reloading movies (#1564)

  • macOS: When a new directory is added in the settings window, the main window was moved on top (#1577)

  • TV shows: You can now search by an IMDb ID when scraping TV shows.


  • Movie renamer: It is now possible to use a movie’s TMDb ID as placeholder (#1542)

  • Custom Movie Scraper: You can now load movie tags as well (#1162)

  • A new TV scraper for was added (#1135)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • MediaElch now requires CMake 3.15 or later

  • QML and QtQuick are no longer required

  • The movie scrapers have been refactored to allow parallel downloads in the future as well as preview images in the search dialog.

Changes for Package Maintainers

If you package MediaElch, e.g. for some Linux distributions, these notes may be important for you:

  • QML and QtQuick are no longer required and can be removed from MediaElch’s dependencies. This includes the declarative module and everything QML and QtQuick related.

2.10.0 - Benzar (2023-02-05)


  • There are now different MediaElch releases for Windows 7/8 and Windows 10/11. The Windows 10 or later releases use Qt6, which fix scaling issues on 4k display with scaling >100% (#429)


  • macOS: CMD+R now correctly triggers a reload.

  • If a movie directory had “auto-reload” enabled, each start of MediaElch added entries to our cache database without remove old entries. The database size grew fast. Clicking “reload” is a workaround (#1487)

  • IMDb:

    • Movie search did not return any results.

    • TV show search did not return any results.

    • TV show runtimes are scraped correctly again.

  • UI:

    • Incorrectly scaled tables on HighDPI display now work with Qt6.

    • If the renamer dialog was re-opened, the placeholder-table was mixed up.

  • Multi-Movie Scraper:

    • If using TheMovieDb, scraping could get stuck and not continue (#1505)

    • Adult Scrapers were always shown, even if disabled.

  • TV Show Scraper: The “Downloading images…” dialog was not removed when finished (#1507)

  • AllMusic: Fix loading of “born” and “died” (#1336)

  • TvTunes: Spaces around titles were not removed

  • Discogs: Albums are loaded properly again.

  • TMDb TV show and movie search: If a TV show title looks like a TMDb id (i.e. only numbers such as 1899 or 1923), we assumed it indeed is an ID and not a search query (#1527).

  • TMDb Concerts: We didn’t always properly save the currently used language.

  • HotMovies: Movie search works again


  • TvMaze: For a TV show’s cast, if there are character images, use those instead of the actor’s image, e.g. use “Homer Simpson” for “Dan Castellaneta”.

  • For Kodi v19 and later, <episodeguide> will use the new format, see [Kodi Forum](

  • If the query in the TV show or movie search dialog has the format tmdb12345, we search by TMDb ID 12345. Previously, this worked for search query 12345 as well, but that clashed with TV shows and movies such as 1923.


  • Dark Mode: MediaElch has gained an experimental dark mode for its main window (#761). It can only be set through MediaElch’s settings. On macOS, the theme is automatically detected if set to “auto”.

  • The TV show search dialog has gained a preview (#1513)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • We’ve added a lot of tests for our music scrapers to ensure that regressions aren’t unnoticed for so long anymore.

2.8.18 - Coridian (2022-10-28)


  • MediaElch now fully supports Qt6!


  • Multi-Episode numbers such as are now correctly identified (#1429)

  • UI: The “subtitle” column of movies is now also green if there are external subtitles (#1435)

  • Renamer: If subtitles are renamed, movie is marked “changed” (#1432)
    This is necessary to update the <subtitle> tag in the NFO file.

  • VideoBuster: Fix searching & scraping of movies.

  • IMDb: - Fix runtime scraping - Fix rating scraping of TV episodes (#1441)

  • HotMovies: Search and scraping of ratings was fixed.

  • Fixed crash if custom movie scraper was used with adult scrapers.

  • Kodi NFO files will only contain <uniqueid> if there are valid ones.

  • TMDb TV now scrapes the full cast of a TV show instead of only the last season’s (#1454)

  • A crash in the image dialog was fixed.


  • Network proxy is disabled (per default) for Kodi Synchronisation (#1430)
    This can be re-enabled in MediaElch’s network settings.

  • Windows: Bundled Qt version was updated to 5.15.5


  • Renamer: Placeholder input fields now provide examples through a drop-down menu (#657)
    Only few are shown by default. If you want more, let us know by opening an issue on GitHub.

  • CSV Exporter: Field “type” was added for all export types; field “last modified” was added for movies (#1456)

  • TMDb for concerts: - load ratings’ vote-count (#1467) - load original title (#1468)

  • TvMaze now loads an episode’s rating (#1471)


  • OFDb scraper was removed.
    The OFDb gateway ceased to exist, i.e. the website we used to scrape movies from OFDb was removed.

Internal Improvements and Changes

2.8.16 - Coridian (2022-03-13)


  • Movies: Downloading multiple movies (and their fanart) crashed MediaElch or could lead to mixed up fanart/images (#1408, #1409)

  • TV Shows: When selecting TV shows/seasons/episodes on Linux, the background was just white (#1412)

  • UI: Fix spacing for checkboxes in movie search window


  • If streamdetails can’t be loaded (e.g. because libmediainfo is missing), a click on the button “Reload Streamdetails” will now tell your (#1414)

  • More default sort tokens for other languages were added (#1421)

2.8.14 - Coridian (2022-02-06)


  • You will have to re-enable “show missing episodes” for your TV shows. MediaElch now uses TMDb to get the list of missing episodes.


  • IMDb now works again (#1088, #1355)
    Due to changes to IMDb’s website, MediaElch no longer scraped movie and TV show details.

  • AEBN scraper now loads movies again (#1325)
    v2.8.8 introduced a bug where the movie ID was parsed incorrectly and the scraping failed with a network error.

  • ADE scraper now loads actors for VOD videos (#1353)

  • Music scrapers now correctly remove HTML entities such as &amp; from texts such as biographies and reviews.

  • AllMusic scrapes artist’s biographies again (#1379)

  • Discogs scrapes years correctly again for Non-English users (#1379)

  • A crash when concerts were reloaded was fixed (#1335)



  • Advanced Settings: More default video file extensions were added (#1383)

  • Renamer: You can now use <seasonName> and {seasonName} (#1378)


  • TheTvDb was removed. Note that not all features are supported by TMDb and IMDb, yet. We will update MediaElch step by step. The “show all TV show episodes” feature now requires a TMDb ID instead of a TheTvDb ID.

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • The movie file searcher has been reworked again.
    It now runs in another thread so that MediaElch now longer “freezes”.

  • MediaElch will check for QuaZip 1.x if USE_EXTERN_QUAZIP is provided in CMake configuration. If it cannot be found, quazip5 is expected to exist (which is the previous behavior). MediaElch now also search for QuaZip headers in quazip/ and no longer quazip5/.

  • CMake: Option ENABLE_TESTS was added. Without it, MediaElch’s tests will not be build. The reason is that normal users, that only want to build MediaElch, do not need them.

  • QuaZip was updated to v1.1. Note that -DUSE_EXTERN_QUAZIP=ON for CMake and CONFIG+=USE_EXTERN_QUAZIP for QMake can still be used to use the system’s QuaZip. QuaZip v0.9 is still supported as well. This step was necessary for Qt6 support.

  • MediaElch now supports Qt6!

Changes for Package Maintainers

If you package MediaElch, e.g. for some Linux distributions, these notes may be important for you:

  • MediaElch now fully supports Qt6! Note however, that if you use USE_EXTERN_QUAZIP with Qt6, only the CMake build is supported! Qt6 with QMake is only supported without USE_EXTERN_QUAZIP!

2.8.12 - Coridian (2021-05-10)


  • The movie file searcher could crash if you have more than two movie directories (#1315, #1316, #1318)
    v2.8.8 introduced a bug where MediaElch could crash when movies were reloaded. This bug as well as two other race conditions are now fixed. One exited before v2.8.8 as well. We were only able to fix all of these issues thanks to Alexander Weber who helped to debug the crashes.

  • The UniversalMusicScraper now scrapes AllMusic reviews again (#1313)

Older Releases

2.8.10 - Coridian (2021-05-03)


  • Movie sets: Sometimes, MediaElch crashed if movies were reloaded (#1298)

  • Main Window: Fix hard-coded window size (#1301)

  • TV Shows: If the episode filename does not start with “SxxExx”, we sometimes created the episode twice (#1302)

  • TV Show: The media status column for clear-art and thumbnails was always red (#1304)


  • The navigation bar now uses KDE Breeze icons.

2.8.8 - Coridian (2021-04-26)


  • Renamer: On macOS, the renamer was sometimes so large that buttons were not visible (#1227)

  • Local trailers for movies are now detected if the filename contains square brackets such as Movie[BLURAY] (#1231)

  • Fix translations on some Windows systems (#1191)

  • Fix spacing between icons for movie and TV show views (#793)

  • macOS: Fix text spacing of “new” count bubble (#1275)

  • Custom TV scraper: Fix scraping of TV shows when TMDb isn’t used at all (#1293)


  • The experimental CSV Exporter now supports streamdetails as well (#1204)

  • <episodeguide> tags in TV shows will now use TMDb first and will only use TheTvDb as a fallback (#1233)

  • Settings: If a new movie folder is added, “in separate folders” is enabled by default.


  • A quick-open menu for movies was added. Open it by clicking Ctrl+O (+O on macOS) (#1214)
    It uses a Fuzzy matching algorithm. The menu was inspired and partially taken from the Kate editor (see Our gratitude goes to the Kate team and to Ahmed Waqar for allowing us to use it!

  • You can now disable folders in MediaElch’s settings (#1244)

  • You can now name your TV show seasons in the GUI (#1261)

  • Multiple ratings for TV shows/episodes, movies and concerts can now be managed in the UI (#750)
    Even though MediaElch supported Kodi’s “multiple rating”-feature internally, it was limited in the UI. MediaElch now uses a table view for ratings. Double click on an existing rating to change a field.
    _Limitations:_ Currently scraping a media item will replace (!) the existing ratings and will not add/update them.

  • The CSV Exporter can now be opened from the GUI (#1277)

  • New movie media columns “subtitles” and “tags” can now be used (#795, #425)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • The Kodi generators now use QXmlStreamWriter instead of QDomDocument.
    This has the side-effect that unrecognized tags will be removed. All episode xml writers already used this. Now all other media types use that as well. QXmlStreamWriter is faster and the code becomes more maintainable.

  • MediaElch no longer has *.qm files in its source tree. QMake (and CMake) need to be able to run lrelease to generated translation files.

  • MediaElch now searches for movies in parallel (#1230)
    Improvements can vary. During tests on different hard drives with 1000 movie directories, the time improvements were: - 3.8s -> 1.3s (SSD) - 4.1s -> 1.4s (HDD)

  • Fix unuseful log warning [KodiXml] NFO file could not be opened for reading for TV shows that do not have a NFO file.

  • MediaElch now uses Qt’s logging categories (#1278)

2.8.6 - Coridian (2021-01-22)


  • Audio-channel detection was broken since the previous version (#1172)

  • Translations were updated
    Due to a bug in our “update translation” script, new strings were not published.

  • Genre/Certification/Studio mappings for all TV show scrapers are now respected, not just for TheTvDb (#1176)

  • FanartTv: The default language is now English (#1190)
    Previously, the first language in the checkbox was used (i.e. Bulgarian).

  • Kodi: v18 was not selectable in MediaElch’s settings for Kodi (#1193)

  • IMDb movie scraper: Search results contain the movie’s year again

  • Streamdetails: Detection of runtime is fixed (#923)


  • CSV Export: Column names in generated CSV files were renamed

  • TV Show search: If the show’s title contains its year, it is removed in the search dialog (#1192)

  • TV Show search: All checkboxes are selected per default on new installations (#1189)

  • File Searcher: A delimiter is expected if a file is split up into multiple parts (#1194)
    If you have media files that are split up into multiple parts (e.g. CDs, DVDs, …) then MediaElch expects it to be named like title.part1.mkv (or -dvd1, etc.). titlepart1.mkv, i.e. without a delimiter worked before but caused false positives. Delimiters are `` , ``., _ and -.


  • CSV Export: The experimental CSV exporter now supports “directory” and “filenames” as options (#1173)

  • TV show: Add original title field (#1180)
    This field is only supported by the TMDb TV show scraper.

2.8.4 - Coridian (2021-01-09)


  • TV search on TMDb: It is now possible to search for a show by its TMDb and IMDb ID, e.g. “tt0096697” or “456” for “The Simpsons”

  • Fix the immediate “network error”-message in the TV show image dialog (#1124)

  • TV search: Episode and show details are stored per scraper (#801)

  • Movie Sets: Adding a movie works again (#1129)

  • Name Formatter: If an excluded word contains special characters, it is removed again (#1131)

  • Universal Music Scraper: “Formed” field now strips HTML tags (#1152)

  • If you click “Cancel” in the file dialog when adding a new media directory, the home directory is no longer added.

  • ADE: Actor images are loaded again (#1164)


  • NFO files now contain a <generator> tag which holds meta information about MediaElch.
    This may be helpful when users complain about Kodi not displaying certain details on the Kodi forum.

  • Renamer: More special characters that are not allowed in filenames are now replaced by a space.
    Windows disallows the following characters in filenames: <, >, :, ", /, \, |, ?, *. MediaElch now does a bit of filename sanitization more, even if not a lot. Previously unchecked was |. Furthermore, leading dots are removed because they indicate hidden files on Unix systems.

  • On macOS the discrete GPU is no longer required (#702)


  • Concert: Add IMDb/TMDb ID fields

  • Concert search: Add language dropdown to search dialog

  • Added *.webm to default file filters for video files (#1122)

  • Add TVmaze as a TV scraper (#834)
    TVmaze works great for actor images and season posters. Due to API limitations not all episode details are available that you can see on their website.

  • The movie renamer now supports <studio> which contains the movie’s studio(s) (#1136)
    If there is more than one studio, all studios are separated by a comma (,).

  • The exporter can now be opened using the shortcut Ctrl+E (+E on macOS)

  • An experimental CSV exporter can now be opened using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E (++E on macOS) (#585)

  • Universal Music Scraper: MusicBrainz was added as a biography source (#1065)
    Due to API-changes in TheAudioDb, MediaElch no longer scraped artist’s biography from TheAudioDb but from AllMusic which was a fallback. But AllMusic only supports English. To have translated texts again, we now use MusicBrainz as a biography source. MusicBrainz uses texts from Wikipedia.


  • Support for Kodi v16 NFO files is removed. MediaElch can still read them but does not write them anymore. (#1142)

2.8.2 - Coridian (2020-12-20)


  • Revert the use of the user’s preferred UI language and not the system language (#1002)
    The implementation was wrong which lead to users getting MediaElch in English even though their system is German. This needs a do-over.

  • Fix regression for BluRays (#1090)
    BluRay discs had their BACKUP and STREAM folders recognized as different movies. This is now fixed and those two directories are skiped.


  • Image downloads are now run in parallel (up to 6 downloads) (#1077)


  • A TVmaze ID field was added to the TV show and episode UI (#834)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • Better error reporting for TV scrapers

2.8.0 - Coridian (2020-12-13)

This is the next “big” MediaElch version. This version brings fully rewritten TV scrapers including improved user interfaces, better user experience and a new TV show scraper.

MediaElch now requires Qt 5.6 or later. Qt 5.6 was released in 2016 and we highly recommend to update to the latest version if your system supports it (this only affects MediaElch’s version for Linux distributions).
This means that Ubuntu 16.04 is no longer supported!

Note: You may need to set “DVD order” in your settings again as the internal settings-key changed.


  • Exporter: Fix episode thumbnails in TV show view (#961)

  • Movies: Sub-folders are no longer handled as files (#978)

  • Downloads: Fix stylesheet of import dialog window (#984)

  • Fix ADE actor scraping (#1011)

  • Use user’s preferred UI language and not the system language (#1002)

  • The filter bar’s X button is now visible again and also clears filters (#1025)

  • Reverting changes for episodes did not always work (#1032)

  • Just selecting an episode sometimes marked it as unsaved (#1031)

  • Fix crashes on Manjaro (#976)

  • Fix IMDb poster scraping

  • Fix HotMovies scraper and add backdrop support


  • Concert Export: {{ CONCERT.FILENAME }} and {{ CONCERT.DIR }} are now supported in themes (#962)

  • IMDb now includes adult search results if adult scrapers are enabled (#992)

  • Export: Image placeholders like {{ IMAGE.XYZ }} are now only replaced if the image type is actually used (#961)


  • Movie Backdrop: Make it possible to set a random screenshot as the movie’s backdrop/fanart (#965)

  • Movies: Add option to ignore duplicate original title (#1006)
    In v2.6.4 MediaElch started to ignore the original title (i.e. did not save it) if it was the same as the “normal” title. We now added an option to reverse this behavior.

  • TV shows and episodes now support TMDb IDs (#1010)

  • macOS: A simple help menu with useful URLs is added (#1020)

  • Movie Renamer: <director> placeholder is now supported

  • Movie: Add buttons that take you to the movie’s IMDb/TMDb page (#684)

  • TMDb ID field added to UI for movies (#1022)

  • TMDb ID filter: Add “Has TMDb ID”/”No TMDb ID” movie filters (#684)

  • New TV show search dialog
    You can now distinguish between episode and TV show details that you want to load using the selected scraper.

  • New TV scraper settings
    The settings dialog for TV scrapers has been completely redesigned. It now features the scraper’s website, description, terms of service and more so that you know how MediaElch uses the scraper.

  • New Custom TV scraper
    The custom TV scraper has got a new look and feel. You can select the scrapers you want for episode and TV show details.

  • Advanced Settings: You can now specify a custom stylesheet for MediaElch theme development (#1040)

  • Movie Filter: Add filter by original title (#1057)

  • Episodes now support tags like TV shows do (#1061)
    Note that tags for episodes are not supported by Kodi, yet.

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • Dialogs: Removed singletons for dialog windows (#980)

  • Use combo box for “DVD order” and “Aired order” (#983)

  • Use “Locale” class throughout our code base (#997)

  • Use MediaElch’s Meta GitHub repository for export themes

  • Remote themes are now checked for a valid SHA256 checksum

2.6.6 - Ferenginar (2020-04-18)

Note: This release has changed its internal file and directory handling to fix Windows-related bugs (#732). Please report any issues with network drives or other non-local drives.


  • Fix AEBN crash when scraping a movie (#910)

  • Select correct language for TMDb in the movie search dialog (#916)

  • Windows: Fix scanning of concerts (#814)

  • Downloads Section: Fix crash when importing items (#828)

  • Downloads Section: Fix invalid file sizes (#829)
    Due to a bug, files above 2GB had the wrong file size. Furthermore MediaElch showed file sizes in MiB, GiB, etc. even though MB, GB, etc. were displayed.

  • TV episodes: Manually edited writers and directors were not saved (#933)

  • TV shows: Fix TV shows always being reloaded from disk (#732)
    Due to a bug in path handling, TV shows were always reloaded even though the internal cache should be used.

  • UI: Fix text color in messages boxes (#942)
    On Linux distributions that use the KDE Breeze Dark theme (or other dark themes), the text color of message boxes would be white. Light text on light background is not readable. The text is now always set to black.

  • HotMovies: Fix rating scraping
    Due to a change on their website, the vote count scraping did not work anymore.

  • Trailer Download: Fix downloading trailers for many movies (#940)
    If the trailer dialog window was closed using the window frame’s close button (“x”) instead of the button labeled “Close”, the dialog was destroyed and reopening it resulted in an empty dialog window.

  • TV Tunes Download: Fix crash when aborting download and restarting it (#940)
    If the TV tune dialog is closed before it has finished loading its search results and is reopened for another show, MediaElch crashed due to a race condition.

  • Movie: Don’t save runtime from file if it cannot be detected (#604)
    If the user changes the movie’s runtime and saves it, it may be reset to 0 if “Automatically load and save stream details from file” is enabled in MediaElch’s settings. MediaElch now first checks if the detected runtime is greater than 0.

  • TV show file searcher now allows spaces between episode and season (#513)
    Previously “S01 E02” was not accepted. However, in older versions of MediaElch this seemed to have worked and now works again.

  • Image Preview: Fix centering of image dialog (#863)


  • Export: The generated folder name now also contains seconds (#935)
    It now has the pattern MediaElch Export yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss. Exporting multiple times whithin a minute otherwise leads to name clashes.


  • Always write the episode guide URL to TV show NFOs using TheTvDb format (#652)

  • Print better error messages for shows and movies that cannot be found (#900)

  • TMDb: Update available languages to support official translations (#901)

  • Movies: If movies are sorted by “name”, the movie’s sort title is used if set and the name otherwise (#919)

  • IMDb: Use higher image resolution for actors (#920) IMDb has reduced the image resolution for actor images on a movie’s main page. MediaElch now loads each actor page and uses an image with higher resolution.

  • Movie Poster: Make it possible to set a random screenshot as the movie’s poster (#934) Just like for TV show episode thumbnails, a poster can be created which uses a random screenshot from the movie file. Movies must have a format that is readable by ffmpeg. The resolution is hard coded to 720x1080px which has a typical poster aspect ratio of 2:3.

  • TV show: Also load TV show posters when searching for new season posters (#600) TheTvDb may not return posters for a certain seasons. However it may still be useful to select TV show posters for a season.

  • TV show: Remove suffix (e.g. .mkv) from default episode names (#513)
    Default names are just their file names. MediaElch now removes the file suffix.

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • Set MediaElch specific HTTP User-Agent header for most HTTP requests (#912)

  • Updater: Use new MediaElch meta repository for version checks (#896)

  • Download Section: Refactor the file searcher to make it non-blocking and improve the overall performance (#830)

  • Logging: Respect QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN and use better defaults
    Previously, MediaElch did not respect Qt’s environment variable QT_MESSAGE_PATTERN. That environment variable can be used to format logging messages. In debug mode the default pattern uses colors if the console supports it.

  • Replace all old-style SIGNAL/SLOT connections with new-style ones.

  • Update MediaELch’s dependencies and use Qt 5.14.2 for Windows (#832)

2.6.4 - Ferenginar (2020-02-08)


  • Fix TV shows sorting and possible crashes if “Show missing episodes” is enabled (#789, #883) MediaElch could crash under certain circumstances due to improper use of Qt’s model/view system. You may experience that shows are deselected when “ Show missing episodes” is clicked the first time.

  • Fix hanging window if the custom movie scraper is selected but no valid scraper is found.
    This can happen if MediaElch’s settings are in an inconsistent state (#792)

  • Fix {{ *.RATING }} not being replaced in exports if a media item has no rating

  • Fix movie label color not being shown (#803)

  • Fix default language selection in movie scraper dialog
    Default-selected language not used when loading from TheMovieDb

  • NFO: Only write <originaltitle> if it’s different from <title> (#812)

  • Fix IMDb runtime scraping (#810)

  • Update TMDb base URL for downloading images (#807)
    The very old subdomain has been taken offline. We now use the new one.

  • Fix TMDb scraper language in dialog window (#813)
    Scraper language wasn’t the one saved in settings but always “English”.

  • About Dialog: Fix MediaInfo version string in developer information (#790)

  • Movie/TvShow: Only parse valid premiered tags (#827)

  • Fix crash when no TV show is selected
    For example: Start MediaElch -> click “TvShow” -> click “Sync Kodi” -> click “Close” -> Crash

  • Fix missing TheTvDb ID in episode NFO files (#788)

  • Don’t write TheTvDb v1 episode-guide URLs to TV show NFOs (#652)

  • Show “Dolby TrueHD” media flag for “truehd” audio codec

  • Fix audio codec recognition for newer MediaInfoLib versions (#797)

  • Fix “Add to synchronization queue” feature for episodes and TV shows (#850)

  • Allow IMDb IDs with 8 digits (previously only 7 digits allows) (#855)

  • Fix actors having wrong image after removing one actor (#859)


  • TMDb: Load more movie collection details (#800)

  • ADA search: Don’t filter for DVDs, fix overview scraping of some movies (#819)

  • Movie Search Dialog: Add error message label

  • TheTvDb: Use API v2 (JSON API instead of old XML API) (#487, #432, #528)

  • Episode widget: add TheTvDb ID and IMDb ID fields

  • AdvancedSettings: Better input validation (issues are printed to the debug log) (#743)

  • AdvancedSettings: Add experimental exclude patterns (#840)

  • Add en_US language file for better singular/plural handling

  • Better network error reporting for scraping TV shows and movies (#870)

  • Better error reporting in the image dialog (#864, #874)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • CMake: Fix Foundation framework include for macOS

  • Tests: Add more integration and unit tests

  • Downgrade to Qt 5.5 as minimal requirement (#885)

2.6.2 - Ferenginar (2019-09-13)

This release will affect your scraper settings. You’ll therefore have to reconfigure your scraper settings. You may also need to delete MediaElch.sqlite.



  • Fix IMDb tag scraping (#649)

  • Fix IMDb poster scraping

  • Fix TMDb issue with HTML characters in overview/plot (#651)

  • Ctrl+A works in movie and concert section (#647)

  • Fix crash when “Load missing episodes” is enabled (#669)

  • Filter “Movie has no IMDb ID” is inverted (#680)

  • Window positions not saved (#679)

  • Country mappings not used in TMDb (#689)

  • Windows: Stream Details do not load (#688)

  • Crashes on macOS when scanning episodes due to a Qt bug (#641)

  • Fix ADE scraper (#703, #725)

  • Fix incompatibilities with Kodi v17 NFO files (#719)

  • Fix race-condition in DownloadManager (#766)

  • Fix VideoBuster certification scraping


  • Update French translation (#646)

  • Add more subtitle formats (#661)

  • UI: Fix list/table style for dark themes (#640)

  • UI: Fix stuck splitter cursor (#659)

  • UI: Restructured search windows (#660)

  • Windows: Update MediaInfo (#688)

  • Windows: Update to Qt 5.12 and fix style issues (#678)

  • Kodi: Use new syntax for ratings for movies and TV shows (#516)

  • Kodi: Add missing “aspect” attribute to thumbs (#665)

  • Settings: Color paths red if directories are not readable (#730)

  • Add {{ MOVIE.LABEL }} placeholder in templates (#715)

  • Add experimental command line interface (#720)

  • Add userrating field to movies

  • Add Kodi v16/v17/v18 switcher (#719)

  • Make episode thumbnail size configurable in advancedsettings.xml (#776)

  • Add “avc” to “h264” video codec mapping to defaults (#728)

Internal Improvements and Changes

  • Implement ScraperSettings class for better mocking

  • Use QVector<T> instead of QList<T> as the default container

  • Reorganize project structure

  • Add CMake build system (#700)

  • Add DISABLE_UPDATER option in QMake and CMake for package maintainers (#763)

  • Require Qt 5.6 or later (#780)

2.6.0 - Ferenginar (2019-01-06)


  • Add user documentation (#531)

  • Use HTTPS for scraping (#371)

  • Set UI language in advancedsettings.xml (#411)

  • Load all tags from IMDb (#469)

  • Add more audio and video codecs (#524, #530)

  • Remove deprecated Cinefacts (#370)

  • Remove deprecated Coverlib (#369)

  • Remove deprecated MediaPassion (#449)

  • Remove deprecated MovieMaze (#386)

  • Support KDE Breeze Dark theme (#407)

  • Use new Kodi XML syntax for movie set names (#554)

  • Add context menu in movie duplicate view (#591)

  • Add AEBN genre option (#590)

  • Select scraper language in movie search panel (#442)

  • Concert Renamer (#574)

  • Scrape TV show tags when using IMDb

  • Detect duplicate movies

  • Create subdirectories


  • HD-Trailers scraper broken (#445)

  • OFDB movie scraper crashes MediaElch (#394)

  • IMDB movie poster not loaded (#385)

  • IMDB top 250 not scraped (#468)

  • IMDB outline/plot scraping broken (#456)

  • IMDB genres/studios/… scraping broken (#556)

  • studio name not exported (#392)

  • TvShow status not written to .nfo file (#380)

  • HTML entities in export not escaped (#391)

  • multi scraper does not load all episode thumbnails (#415)

  • studio mapping for TvShow episodes (#459)

  • using filters crashes MediaElch (#504)

  • wrong filter tooltips (#506)

  • concert extra fanart not saved (#529)

  • ADE search does not return results (#565)

  • backdrop not loaded using ADE (#519)

  • adult scrapers broken (#367)

  • VideoBuster does not load certification in special cases (#571)

  • music scraper broken

  • Placeholder <showTitle> does not work for renaming season folders (#553)


  • UI: line break in tree views (#406)

  • UI: add 4k and 8k resolution flag (#446)

  • UI: show green ID flag only if IMDB is valid (#471)

2.4.2 - Talax (2016-07-01)

  • Bugfix: UniversalMusicScraper broken

2.4.1 - Talax (2016-03-20)

  • Renamer: Show results in table view

  • Export: Add IMDB ID to template

  • IMDB: Adjusted scraper to new layout

  • StreamDetails: Stereomode not detected

  • IMDB: Rating and votes sometimes not scraped

  • TheTVDB: Get votes for episodes and shows

  • Image capture: Prevent possible crash

  • StreamDetails: Language of subtitle not detected

  • TvShows: Possible crash when scanning for new episodes of a single show

  • TvShowEpisodes: epbookmark not saved

  • AdvancedSettings: Use first studio only not working

2.4.0 - Talax (2015-12-06)

  • Custom TV scraper

  • Scrape multiple TV shows/episodes

  • Add option to manually edit the nfo file

  • IMDB scraper for TV Shows

  • Support for external subtitles

  • Handle network timeouts in scrapers

  • Improve ignored words filter

  • Option to open folder for music artists and albums

  • Music: Store release id instead release group id

  • Improve album search query

  • Don’t reload after rename

  • Musicscraper: Show musicbrainz release id in search results

  • Move TV shows with new items to the top

  • Don’t remove custom tags in nfo files

  • StreamDetails: Use Channel(s)_Original if available

  • Improve UI rendering in Windows

  • Get and store IMDB ID for TV show episodes

  • Support for TV show status (continuing/ended)

  • Use lowercase video and audio codec in streamdetails

  • Save all selected items when saving

  • Votes and top 250 for TV shows and episodes

  • TV Shows: Improved UI in listview

  • Support image formats with wrong file extension

  • Musicscraper: Label, release date and artist is not set

  • IMDB: Studios not detected

  • Windows: Black screen when started via RDP

  • Hotmovies scraper broken

  • StreamDetails: Sometimes not loaded in Windows when filename contains special characters

  • Crash when selecting open folder on empty list

2.3.2 - Denobula (2015-10-12)

  • Write urls to nfos by default

  • Fixed dependencies for wily

2.3.1 - Denobula (2015-10-10)

  • Bugfix on scraper

  • Fixed package name in debian control file

2.3.0 - Denobula (2015-10-10)

  • Music: scraper

  • Music: Support for booklets

  • Improve UI on retina displays

  • Drop images directly to image elements

  • Renamer: Options for video/audio codec and number of audio channels

  • Renamer: Support IMDB id on directory renaming

  • Renamer: Show warning when item has been edited

  • Renamer: Support extension also in directory names

  • MediaPassion: API URL changed

  • Improve IMDB outline scraping

  • Detect stream details from BluRay structures

  • Advanced Settings: Option to disable saving of thumbs in nfo

  • Media Status Columns: Add local trailers

  • Play trailer on click

  • TMDB: Show results even if TMDB API delivers wrong page count

  • Music: Added extra fanarts can not be removed

  • Music: Artists and albums with special characters fail to scrape

  • Trailer download sometimes not working

  • IMDB: Possible hang on multiscrape

  • Multiselection on movies when using filters leads to wrong selection

  • TvTunes scraper broken

  • Synchronization: Updating play count on episodes and concerts failed

  • OSX: Settings window not closable in fullscreen

  • VideoBuster scraper broken

  • Adult DVD Empire scraper broken

  • Renamer: Scantype (progressive/interlaced) not respected

2.2.2 - Sphere Builder (2015-02-02)

  • UI: Music multi scrape progress bar doesn’t stop

  • Renamer: Conditional 3D tag not working

  • StreamDetails UI: Audio label on wrong position

  • Renamer: Resolution tag is empty for very low resolution files

  • Default filename for music disc art should be cdart.png

  • Resolution icon not visible

  • Music: Deleted images show up again sometimes

  • MediaPassion: Images are not loaded

  • StreamDetails not loaded when filename contains special characters (Windows only)

  • Music multiscrape: Artist thumb and logo are not loaded

  • Show IDs in the GUI

2.2.1 - Sphere Builder (2015-01-25)

  • Media Passion: API URL changed

2.2 - Sphere Builder (2015-01-23)

  • Add support for personal API keys

  • Support for music libraries

  • Detect 3D movies from streamdetails

  • Export: Add movie filename and path

  • Use API v3

  • Save last used path when selecting actor images

  • Renamer: Add more options

  • Play movie/episode/concert on double click

  • Add support for season posters

  • NFO: Correctly save multiple entries

  • Add support for TV show posters

  • Rename XBMC to KODI

  • Add icon for DTS-HD HR

  • Use icon font for navbar items

  • IMDB Scraper: Problems with html tags

  • Open Movie Folder not working on smb shares

  • TMDB: Sometimes no results are found

  • MovieMaze Scraper broken

  • List widgets are not resized when resizing main window

  • Adult DVD Empire sometimes loads no data

  • IMDB: Multiple directors and writers are not scraped

  • OSX: Popup window positions are offset (Qt Bug)

  • Several issues in set manager

  • Stream details are not detected when filename contains special characters

  • IMDB Scraper: Genres, Country, Actors sometimes not correctly scraped

  • IMDB: Posters not scraped

  • TV Shows ordered wrong when episode number >= 100

  • IMDB: Just small actor images are scraped

  • IMDB: Outline sometimes not scraped

  • Renaming: TV Show directories are always renamed

  • IMDB: Release date, director and writer not detected

  • New marks stay visible after saving last new item

  • MovieMaze: Scraper broken

2.1.3 - Trill

  • Update package for Trusty

2.1.2 - Trill (2014-03-27)

  • Add info about collection

  • Join genres in nfo files

  • Rename TV shows: dialog doesn’t open …

  • Custom Scraper: Fanart always from fa…

  • IMDB scraper sometimes displays no re…

  • Only small actor images from imdb

  • Windows: dialogs out of desktop

  • Aspect ratio saved in localized version

  • MediaStatusColumns: Extra Arts don’t …

  • Speed up loading of movies from database

  • Filter for audio formats

  • IMDB scraper doesn’t map advanced set…

  • Add stream details to export function

2.1.1 - Trill (2014-03-17)

  • Filescanner dialog not visible

2.1 - Trill (2014-03-16)

  • OS X Retina display support

  • MakeMKV integration

  • Option to hide donate button

  • Custom labels for movies

  • Select startup section

  • Export: Remove line breaks genre block

  • Words to exclude: add mkv

  • Automatically guess import type and folder

  • Missing episodes: Hide specials

  • Show adult movies from TMDB

  • Filter for movies with/without rating

  • Replace underscores with spaces in movie names

  • Only update movies with id in custom scraper

  • Use different IMDB Scraper ( down)

  • Read ratings with comma separated decimals

  • Save last used path when manually selecting images

  • Trim title from the tv db

  • Context menus stay sometimes in front

  • StreamDetails: Aspect ratio sometimes displayed as 0.000

  • XBMC synchronization broken

  • Disable filesystemwatcher for imports

  • Multiscraping: IMDB id is set as TMDB id

  • Settings: Movie set artwork filenames are not display correctly

  • MovieMaze: Wrong encoding

  • Some episode names lead to detecting multiple episodes

  • Extracting password protected files fails

  • Updating new episodes with dvd order fails

  • Trailers are not renamed

  • Scraper adds sometimes “id” before IMDB ids

  • Multiscrape: Only movies with id are scraped

2.0.6 - Risa (2013-10-31)

  • Show all banners for seasons

  • Improve tabs ui

  • Import: Disable automatic reload during extraction

  • Streamdetails detects runtime of 0

  • Selected items in scrapers are not saved

  • Episodes can not be selected

  • Custom scraper broken

  • TV Shows: Selected item has no background color in Windows

  • Import: Single subtitles are detected as importable item

  • Second window in Linux visible

  • Choosing local images broken

2.0 - Risa (2013-10-28)

  • Add apple trailer download support

  • Media Passion: Support for Logos and ClearArts

  • Language Support in

  • Option to update only movies with IMDb Id

  • Import movies, episodes and concerts

  • Show missing Episodes

  • Update notification

  • BluRay/DVD Disc option in

  • Scrape posters from

  • Portable mode via advancedsettings.xml

  • Scraper for Adult DVD Empire

  • Scraper for AEBN

  • Scraper for HotMovies

  • Upgrade to Qt5

  • Improve exclude words detection

  • Filter for movie sets

  • Filter for IMDb ID

  • Exclude words also in directory names

  • Search by IMDb id or TMDb id by default

  • Also rename .srt subtitles

  • Actors for TV show episodes

  • TheTvDb: Search by ID

  • Speed up loading items

  • Add warning for extra fanarts when sep. folders is not cheked

  • GUI updates

  • Fix scraping

  • Poster naming of stacked files

  • Wrong parsing of filenames from stacked movies

  • Skip dots in movie titles when searching

  • TV show season fanart not found/scraped

  • Media Passion: Titles with accents give no results

  • Renaming fails if new name only differs in capitalization

  • Adjust MovieMaze Scraper

  • Cinefacts scraper broken

  • Check DVD aired order

  • Runtime of *.ts files is not detected

  • Images from SMB shares under Windows cannot be chosen

  • Filescanner might skip some movies

  • MediaPassion: Discart sometimes not found

  • MediaPassion: Original title not scraped

  • Some images are not renamed when renaming movies

  • TV Show list jumps to not clicked items

1.7 - Bajor (2013-08-08)

  • Store last used scraper in settings

  • scraper

  • Get IMDB Id from filename

  • Add runtime from thetvdb

  • Ability to paste a link to a picture

  • Option to use the IMDB Ratings regardless of which scraper is used

  • Banner for movies

  • XBMC Sync: Clean database

  • Add TV Show Thumbs from

  • Better keyboard navigation in file lists

  • Remove quit button from toolbar

  • Improve mapping to allow empty values in advanced settings

  • Context Menu: Improve scrape option

  • Strip braces in search term

  • Add video category to .desktop file

  • Allow selecting multiple movies when adding them to sets/genres/certifications

  • Sort title for TV shows

  • Use airs before/airsafter to set display season and episode

  • OFDB: Load movie by id

  • RegEx for “Season X Episode Y”

  • TV Show data sometimes lost

  • IMDB API url changed

  • DVD order wrong

  • Don’t save empty actor image and thumb tag

  • TV Show File Scanner detects wrong episode numbers

  • Stacked Files: Duration in Streamdetails

  • Display title of movies with dots

  • Wrong nfo filename when renaming stacked movies

  • Duplicate fileinfo tag

  • Add placeholder for episode and season banner image

1.6 - Romulus (2013-04-23)

  • Added filter for local trailers

  • Media Status Column “Trailer” now regards local trailers

  • Bulk loading of streamdetails now overwrites movie runtime

  • Bugfix: Also saved last movie while multi scraping

  • Added media status columns for actors and IMDB Id

  • Bugfix: Correctly load CD art for BluRay and DVD structures

  • Added local image cache

  • Improved matching of season/episode in filenames

  • Bugfix: Skipping of extra files in BluRay and DVD structures

  • Small GUI changes

  • TV Shows: Show all banners not just season specific

  • Bugfix: Opening movie folders in network shares

  • Option to use DVD order when scraping TV shows

  • Save DVD and BluRay fanart inside the directory structures

  • Correctly detect stream details in DVD structures

  • Bugfix: Cinefacts scraper didn’t find year and countries

  • Option to delete images

  • Changed default rename pattern for TV show episodes

  • Added filter items for studios, countries and filename

  • Fixed tag cloud UI bug

  • Bugfix: “Watched” Filter showed unwatched movies

  • Automatically set playcount when watched flag changes

  • Bugfix: Downloading season artwork

  • Added director and tags filter

  • Added downloading of tv themes

  • Bugfix: Missing Qt translation added

  • Double click movie in Genre, Certification or Sets Widget jumps to movie

  • Use locale aware sorting in lists

  • Bugfix: Store tvdbid also in id tag

  • Added support for multi-episode files

  • NFO parser is more tolerant with thousands separators

  • Bugfix: Don’t write illegal last played date

  • Bugfix: Don’t write empty stream details

  • Artwork can be loaded separately

  • Settings: Directory string editable manually

  • Filters for Resolution and format

  • Added option in advancedsettings to only store the first studio (helpful for displaying studio logos in XBMC)

  • Added button to set YouTube dummy link

  • Bugfix: Channel count detection wrong for DTS-HD and others

  • Bugfix: Use correct info labels for audio formats

1.5 - P’Jem (2013-03-04)

  • Bugfix: Replace illegal characters in filenames on Windows

  • Reduced memory usage when multi scrape movies

  • Sort lists case insensitive

  • Added .wtv files to scanners

  • Changed default filename from cdart.png to disc.png

  • Movies -> Votes: Display thousands separator

  • Bugfix: Skip downloading of actor images in TV shows if set in settings

  • Correct naming of nfo files and images in stacked movies

  • Fixed opening of movie folders in Windows

  • Save TV Show update option

  • Default exclude words set

  • Show saving progress

  • Bugfix: Saving of poster and fanarts for DVD and BluRay structures

  • Skip extra files in DVD structures

  • Show all fanarts from The TV Db when choosing season fanart

  • Save TV show specials season artwork as season-special-*.jpg

  • Use JSON RPC to communicate with XBMC

  • Fixed XBMC sync

  • Moved advanced settings to advancedsettings.xml

  • Option to ignore articles when sorting

  • Map genres while scraping to custom genres

  • Extensions for file scanners are now customizable

  • Added alphabetical scroll list

  • Automatically reload files after saving settings

  • Use correct nfo filename when renaming episodes

  • StreamDetails: Map audio and video codecs to custom values

  • Add genres in genre widget

  • Add certifications in certifications widget

  • Add movie sets in sets widget

  • Remove movie sets in sets widget

  • Rename movie sets in sets widget

  • Bugfix: Correct sorting of stacked files

  • Show multi scrape dialog when multiple movies are selected

  • Map certifications while scraping to custom certifications

  • Choose between English GB and English US certifications for The Movie DB

  • Handling of movie set posters and fanarts (compatible with “Movie Set Artwork Automator”)

  • Media Status Columns added

  • TV Shows: ID Tag get’s no longer removed

  • Bugfix: Loading only fanarts was not possible

  • Bugfix: Studios autocompleter showed duplicates

  • Map Studios and Countries to custom values while scraping

1.4 - Cardassia Prime (2013-02-04)

  • Added option to set username and password for XBMC webserver

  • Retrieve play count and last played from XBMC

  • Removed SQL Interface

  • Added .img file extension for movies and concerts

  • Speedup loading items from cache database (Thanks to garretn)

  • Fixed wrong xml tag fileinfos -> fileinfo

  • Added support for wmv, ogm, mov and divx files

  • Removed media center path from settings

  • Store files separately in cache database to avoid “,” bug

  • Fixes for Qt5 support

  • Added action in context menu: Open Folder

  • Bugfix: Show resolution for images from TMDB

  • Improved TV Show scraping: select infos to load

  • Added displayseason and displayepisode for TV Show episodes

  • Added option to scrape multiple movies at once

  • Art Widget: Show all images when window is big enough

  • Show badge if local trailer is available

  • Added Scraper

  • Added Trailer Preview

  • Added support for Tags

  • Fixed Cinefacts Scraper

  • Added support for TV Show Season Fanarts and Banners

  • Added option to enable/disable downloading of actor images

  • Added option to choose between default filenames for Eden and Frodo

  • Added option to rename artwork to match Frodo naming scheme

  • Added support for extra fanarts

  • Added Music Artists as source for concert backdrops and logos

  • Use ScrollAreas in MainWindow to allow smaller window height

  • Renaming of Movies, TV Shows and Concerts

  • Fixed naming of posters and fanarts with stacked files

1.3 - Khitomer (2012-12-06)

  • Ignore .actors folder while scanning

  • Fixed scraper

  • Fixed VideoBuster scraper

  • Cache the contents of nfo files to speedup start

  • Fixed switched filenames of clearart and logo

  • Small GUI and translation fixes

  • Added support for .rmvb files

  • Only save really changed movies when merging genres or certifications

  • Added support for artist and album in concerts

  • Editable outline in movies

  • Added Trailer Downloader

  • Added IMDB Scraper

  • Added XBMC Sync option

  • Added Portuguese translation (Thanks to Wanilton Campos)

  • Added Rating votes and Top 250 fields for movies

  • Bugfix: Loading of StreamDetails failed in Windows when filenames had special characters

1.2 - Qo’noS (2012-11-12)

  • Support for streamdetails (resolution, codec, audio etc)

  • Filenames for nfos and images now fully customizable

  • Added french translation (Many thanks to foX aCe)

  • Mark HD/SD content from

  • Skip -sample files

  • Change sort order of movies

  • Minor GUI improvements

  • Pickup movie set from TMDb

  • Save episodeguide url in TV show xml

  • Windows: Added missing SSL libraries (needed by VideoBuster Scraper)

  • Bugfix: Possible crash when selecting a movie, TV show or concert

1.1 - Andoria (2012-10-22)

  • Support for Logos, Clear Arts, CD Arts and Character Arts

  • Improved filter widget

  • Organize movies: move into separate directories (Thanks to googl1)

  • Prefer locale posters from TMDb (Thanks to jhenkens)

  • Show new mark on TV show seasons

  • Added .dat, .ts, .vob and .flv file extensions

  • Simple caching of scanned folder to speedup scanning for files

  • Added director and writer fields for movies

  • A proxy can be used for network request

  • Episodes with naming pattern 1×01 are now recognized

  • Highlight new entries in sidebar

  • Small GUI improvements

  • Increased maximum season and episode numbers

  • Bugfix: Fixed memory problem

  • Bugfix: Handle network timeouts while downloading images

1.0.0 - Vulcan (2012-10-08)

  • Now with codename

  • Added Concert/MusicVideo scraping

  • Added keyboard shortcuts

  • Rudimentary command line interface

  • Editing of sort titles possible

  • Option to save trailer urls in YouTube plugin format

  • Choose between different files for nfos, posters, fanarts and banners

  • Settings is now a dialog

  • Added .strm file extension

  • Bugfix: Adding of TV show directories possible again

0.9.6 (2012-09-20)

  • Ignore files in directory “Extras” (thanks to KBagust)

  • Allow TV Show episodes to have . inbetween season and episode numbers (thanks to KBagust)

  • Added debug output

  • Bugfix: Toolbar hidden in Mac OS X with small resolutions

0.9.5 (2012-09-20)

  • TV show episodes are grouped by seasons

  • Markers for new movies and TV shows

  • Skip empty values and images in TMDb

  • Added support .m4v file extension

  • Increased size of Fanart/Poster dialog

  • Feature: Revert changes

  • Bugfix: Crash when loading MediaElch

  • Bugfix: Scraping issues with special characters in movie titles

  • Bugfix: TV Shows had wrong path when episodes are in subfolders

  • Bugfix: Confusion in SQL interfaces when different episodes have equal filenames

  • Bugfix: Checkbox “separate folders” won’t show when adding a movie directory

  • Bugfix: Changing just poster or fanart in TV shows won’t enable the save button

0.9.4 (2012-06-29)

  • Fixed not escaped characters in SQL interface

0.9.3 (2012-06-29)

  • Added support for TV Show banners

  • Added Set Editor (add/remove movies from sets, reorder movies, change posters and backdrops)

  • View and change images of actors

  • Skip trailer files when searching for movies

  • Rudimentary support for stub files (need to be created on your own)

  • Switched to TMDb API v3

  • Local certifications from TMDb

  • Support metafiles like movie.nfo, movie.tbn, movie.jpg, fanart.jpg, folder.jpg

  • Select which infos should be loaded from a scraper

  • Fixed a bug when using SQL interfaces and “movies are stored in separate folders” is checked in XBMC

0.9.2 (2012-06-29)

  • Bugfixes and some new features